Corporate governance forms an overarching framework in which where any business should operate as such must form an integral part of the group’s sustainability. Opal is committed to sound principles of corporate governance and ethics within all areas of our business. Adherence to the standards and recommendations set out in the King III Report and other relevant laws and regulations is vital to achieving our strategic priorities.

To achieve this, the group will endeavour to enhance and align its governance structures, policies and procedures to support its operating environment and strategy. We will assess our approach to complying with the King III using the Governance Assessment Instrument (GAI) tool that serves as a measure of evaluating the implementation of good corporate governance structures, policies and procedures. The Board of directors will adopt the following policies, procedures and guiding principles as part of the company’s corporate governance guidelines.



OPAL’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategic framework is aligned with the company strategy of remaining relevant and useful to clients and creating value for its shareholders. As black owned and with its cooperate strategic goals to black communities, inclusive of youth, women and all black structures in South Africa, we are committed to connecting our brands to people and we aim to be of service to the communities in which we operate. CSR is more than philanthropy to us; it is derived from our business objectives and our CSI projects are created and implemented with a view to driving commercial and brand value.

Our three-year strategy (2015 to 2018) focuses on education, enterprise development, health, skills development, arts and culture and brand-building.



We are developing a mobile-based digital school news network within the communities we operate in. We visit schools across all spheres that we operate in and provide training to aspiring young professionals with a keen interest in the mining, capital, advisory services & consulting, energy and agriculture industry. With OPAL, we give them the tools to set up their goals and give them the opportunity to live their dreams.

This also allows our staff members to be hands on with our clients and communities. They are also given the opportunity to support numerous CSR initiatives and give something back to society and people in need.