In its selective approach of the opportunities within which it participates, the Opal model seeks to drive real, meaningful and sustainable value, not only for its shareholders and employees, but also for its partners.

Opal Mining’s strategic review has identified a road map that is geared towards ensuring that the process to optimally and sustainably extract the natural resources from its projects must benefit not only the company’s  shareholders, but  local communities in which it operates as well as the national economy. We have a firm belief that this approach puts us in the driving seat to make a significant contribution to the social economic development of our people.



Focus on people, safety and sustainability: our business must operate according to our values if it is to remain sustainable in the long term.
Optimise overhead, costs and capital expenditure: all spending decisions must be checked and double checked to ensure they are necessary to fulfil our core business objective.

Improve portfolio quality: we have a portfolio of assets that must be actively managed as we strive for a competitive valuation as a business.
Ensure financial flexibility: the balance sheet is the foundation of our company and we must ensure it always remains able to meet our core funding needs.

Maintain long-term optionality: while we are focused on ensuring the most efficient day-to-day operation of our business we must keep an eye on creating a competitive pipeline of long-term opportunities.



We recognise that the development of better quality mineral products and applications can be promoted by strengthening research capacity and building skills in the fields of science and engineering. This, in turn, will help grow manufacturing and beneficiation in South Africa and increase employment opportunities.

We are currently supporting a research programme at the North West University which is focused on finding cost effective methods for mineral processing through new innovative process called Petraction Technology.

We therefore view collaboration as the driver of socio-economic upliftment of SA, Africa and the globe.




Opal has adopted “FROM MINE TO MARKET” approach, ensuring participation at all levels in the value chain. The ultimate goal is to create and develop a value based approach, which will enable meaningful and transformative participation.

The company’s networks and linkages ensure that, in line with the ideals of the National Development Plan, beneficiation and valued added services are a core component of its involvement and strategy.